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We import live turtles. Our value is ensuring that our customers get a supply of freshly slaughtered turtles everyday so that the end consumers like you get great tasting soup and nutrients.

There are a few parts of the turtle that should be pointed out to non-connoisseurs so that you will know what to look out for in your next bowl of turtle soup goodness:

turtle soup

  1. Paws – This is probably the most tender part of a turtle. There are several fine bones (including joints) at this part. Due to the structure of the bones, some amount of the meat should be sucked out rather than biting into it. The paws are much sought after because there are only 4 of them in every turtle.
  2. Soft shell – This is the most amazing part of a softshell turtle. As the turtle grows, part of the nutrients is converted into this dense collection of collagen at the perimeter of the carapace. When cooked, it looks like jelly and a good carapace is a little chewy (instead of melting in the mouth). Some herb manufacturers also use this part of the carapace as a Chinese herb offering (in powder form). Each turtle has only so much of this carapace available, so make sure that you get at least one slice in your soup.
  3. Fats – Last but not least, the fats in the turtle is loved by those in the know. Ancient medical record stated that the fats improves blood circulation.

Nevertheless, each turtle is itself a wholesome goodness. But it is also important to note that, like humans, the turtle is a result of what it eats.

3G turtles” are bred as food turtles and fed healthy feeds in order to differentiate them from the common farm-bred turtles.  With proper controls in the farm and being kept away from water pollution, our “3G turtles” are odourless, and its meat taste like that of turtles from the wild.   Turtle soup lovers should check out the list of eateries to be sure that they are getting the best turtles that can be commercially found in the world today!