Turtle Soup…your source of strength


The ultimate tonic in Singapore!

What is turtle soup?
This is the soup that strengthens you from the inside, to energise you for the next challenge as well as to vitalise you on the outside.

Fresh (soft-shell) turtle meat is the key ingredient in the traditional turtle soup.  Turtle meat is brewed in a mixture of Chinese herbs till the essence of the herbs is immersed in the turtle meat for the ultimate taste.  The choice of herbs is up to the individual.

Besides the benefits found in the turtle meat itself, the dish can be prepared in many other ways to suit the palate of the young and the old, just as in the preparation of any meat dish.  It can be made in soup, fried, steamed, braised, etc.  Traditionally, turtle meat is used in soup dishes to preserve the goodness of the turtle meat within the soup so that our bodies can absorb the essence easily.

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A source of nutrition! 
Tridelta Food Pte Ltd is the only distributor of fresh turtle meat in Singapore.  Only freshwater softshell turtles are used.  We were also Singapore’s only HACCP-certified turtle slaughterhouse, and the 1st formally constructed turtle slaughterhouse in Singapore, conforming to guidelines set by the governing authority in Singapore.

Consumers in Singapore can be assured that the turtle meat supplied by Tridelta Food is delicious and fit for consumption due to the controls and responsibilities that we have placed on ourselves!

For more details on the background of turtle soup and how Tridelta ensures you get only the freshest turtle meat, please click here.